Norton Rapid Prep Vortex Surface Conditioning Products

Video Transcript


You hear it every day. Business success is dependent on what can be accomplished in the same day to keep you ahead in the market. Do more and save time. Go fast and be productive. Be efficient and deliver high‑quality output.

The Norton Rapid Prep range of service conditioning products help you gain back time with improved efficiency for increased productivity, just by simply taking out steps in the process of your workflow. Process improvement starts with smear‑free finishes, durable backings, flexibility options, performance and value needs.

The clean‑bond, smear‑free resin technology means less rework of parts. That adds labor savings and margin increases. The high‑quality backings means extended form holding, edge [inaudible 0:49] resistance, range of flexibility, and more consistent finish with longer product life. That lowers inventory needs and delivers a lower total cost of consumable tooling per work piece.

These features come standard on the entire Rapid Prep line. For the next level in performance, invest in our range of Norton Vortex Rapid Prep products. The premium Vortex grain means continuous abrasive exposure all the way through for long product life, ideal for bigger jobs and harder finishes. That means fewer product changes and more efficiency.

That means you now have two options to meet your performance and value needs. These improvements add up to fewer steps with less rework, so you can meet tomorrow's customer deadlines with a better‑looking result in less time. Why work harder when you can work smarter with Norton?