Norton Red Heat Belts for Woodworking

Video Transcript


Looking for a little extra muscle behind the machine? Look to Norton Red Heat Ceramic Sanding Belts. All the power of Norton's proven performance in production, woodworking, and hardwood floor sanding applications, now available to the professional and casual woodworker in the same quality.

Available in sizes to fit most portable and bench stand belt sanders, the patented 100 percent ceramic alumina abrasive from Norton cuts exceptionally fast, and has up to five times the product life over conventional abrasives on the hardest woods and finishes. That means you sand better and get done faster.

The symmetrical shape of the ceramic alumina grain allows the belt to cut aggressively, while leaving a finer scratch on the surface, which results in a superior finish and less time sanding. The super sharp microfracturing ceramic grain cuts cooler and resists loading, which minimizes belt changes.

The heavy cotton backing is durable and tear‑resistant, and outlives lighter paper products. It can be used for sanding wood and metal without worry of catching rough edges. The bidirectional splice means you simply flip the belt over and continue sanding.

Ideal for heavy stock removal to ensure a tight fit, as well as fine sanding curves and contours for smooth edges. From heavy stack removal to fine finishing applications, Norton Red Heat Belts will not only get the job done faster and impart a perfect finish to your project, they will also exceed your expectations.

For a truly high performing sanding product that lives up to its reputation, Norton abrasives. Sanding made easier.