Norton Universal Arbor High Speed Abrasive Blades

Video Transcript


Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond, and abrasive products. We have a product for any application with a high quality brand you can trust.

Engineering expertise, innovative technical solutions, reputable brand ‑‑ that's what Norton Abrasives has been providing for over 125 years, to contractors looking for each of the maximum productivity or general competitive cost.

For those hardened professional contractors in the field, day after day, performing high‑speed cutting applications, Norton has just made your job easier.

Norton offers a full line of high‑speed abrasives for all of your applications, whether it's cutting metal, concrete, ductile, or asphalt. Hi, I'm Doug Monroe, Product Line Engineer for Thin Wheels, North America. I'm based in our Brownsville, Texas facility, and I'd like to take a minute to talk to you about our high‑speed abrasive wheels.

All of our blades are engineered with safety in mind. All of them are constructed with two pieces of fiberglass reinforcement, and our heavy duty blades are constructed with three.

Also, we speed test each and every wheel according to ANSI B 7.1. That's not just a sampling, that's every wheel for the North American market. Recently, Norton has introduced a new feature, our universal arbor. That's this right here.

That universal arbor allows the wheel to be used on either a 20‑millimeter or a 1‑inch machine. The other advantage is it allows the distributor to reduce the inventory that you have to hold, not having both 20‑millimeter and 1‑inch wheels.

What we do is just knock the arbor out. That converts our 20‑millimeter to a 1‑inch, and now it can be used on a 1‑inch saw. Our goal is to offer you everything you would expect from a world class manufacturer of abrasives.

You'll eliminate dual inventories that result from having different cut off‑saw arbors in stock. Now, you just stock one ‑‑ the patent pending, Norton universal arbor abrasive blade. Simply run the blade on a 20‑millimeter saw arbor, or remove it and use it in a 1‑inch saw arbor.

It's that easy, because the universal arbor abrasive blade is available in specifications for metal, concrete, ductile, and asphalt. We've covered all your application needs and reduced your stockroom requirements, while improving your performance quality.

Even difficult jobs aren't a problem. Our heavy‑duty, triple reinforcement ensures faster cut, longer life. We don't just sell abrasive blades, we make them. Global manufacturing experience, R&D expertise, and high safety standards is what you should expect from the world's largest abrasive manufacturer, Norton.

Fast enough to get you on and off the job, tough enough to last.