Norton Winter Paradigm Diamond Wheels - Training Video

Video Transcript


Norton Paradigm Diamond Grinding Wheels: Flute, Gash and End Teeth Training Video

Welcome to the Norton Tech School of Abrasives. Today we will review how to use the Norton Paradigm wheel to optimize Tungsten Carbide flute, gash and end‑teeth grinding. Before you can start grinding, it's important to true and dress the wheel properly. There are two processes you can choose from. The first method of truing and dressing uses an offline machine.

Select a Norton 38‑80 I‑truing wheel. Position the truing wheel and the paradigm wheel access parallel to each other on the truing machine. Here are some suggested technical parameters.

Paradigm should not require dressing after truing. However, if you experience high‑powered draw or burn, a light stick dressing will help open the wheel. But remember keep the pressure light. The second method of truing and dressing uses an electric spindle inside the CNC grinding machine. This method of truing allows the user to pre‑program wheel geometries for entire wheel packs.

This makes lights out possible for extended part batches. Norton recommends a max torque spindle combined with a BPR or IDW dressing roll. Use the unidirectional parameters shown here to hold the tightest profile tolerances.

Use counter directional parameters to keep the wheel face open.

Remember stick dressing should not be required. After properly preparing your paradigm wheel, you are ready for flute, gash, and end‑teeth grinding with your CNC machine. Starting specifications and grinding parameters will depend on which application you are performing. For flute grinding, use the following starting specifications and parameters.

For gash and end‑teeth grinding, use the following starting specifications and parameters.

Paradigm is optimized with oil‑based coolant, but will also work with water‑soluble coolant. Avoid the use of a high pressured scrubber. It may damage the surface of the wheel and cause premature wear. The Paradigm bond system can achieve feed rates of up to eight inches per minute with depths of cut to 350 thousandths.

If you optimize the parameters you can achieve the highest material removal rate, longest wheel life, and lowest cost per part of available today. Contact your local Norton sales representative today to experience the paradigm shift.