How to remove rust without damaging metal

Removing rust without damaging metal

Finding rusted metal is very common on items stored outdoors and in humid environments. Vehicle parts are very susceptible to rust due constantly being exposed to humidity. Not only is a rusty car unsightly, but it can also affect the performance of the vehicle parts. However, don’t panic! Removing rust from metal surfaces usually is achievable when you have the right rust-remover tools.
At Norton, we’re often asked, “How do I remove rust without damaging the metal?” Whilst it can be  tricky, there’s usually a simple way of removing rust on a car (depending on the severity of the damage – if your car is 90% rust and 10% vehicle, you might have left it too long!).
The answer to removing rust, without damaging the surface, is to use a Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc with an angle grinder!
rust removal with Blaze removing rust with blaze rapid strip
The Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc quickly removes rust easily and does not gouge or cause excessive stock removal on metal. But that’s not all - Norton Blaze Rapid Strip will not shed during rust removal, and thanks to its advanced, unique ceramic open structure and depth, it elevates above other stripping discs in the market. It's conformable, so it rides over any undulations on the surface and resists loading to continue working for a long time. 
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Are you looking to remove rust from intricate areas? The Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc can be used with the Norton Mini Angle Grinder to remove rust from difficult-to-reach areas. Similarly, you can get rust off hard-to-reach areas using the same disc with a die grinder.  
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Take a look at how one Norton disc stripped and cleaned the entire body of a VW Beetle!

Removing rust with wire brushes

Using a wire brush to remove rust is a possible option, as it has a long life and doesn’t change the geometry of the base metal. However, it’s only suitable on carbon steel with light rust on the surface. When choosing the correct wire brush, the Twisted Knot Brush fitted to a drill is ideal for removing light rust, paint, corrosion, and weld spatter. This video shows how Norton wire brushes can restore an old, rusty toolbox.
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Alternative rust remover options

Various abrasive options can remove rust depending on the finish you require, product speed and lifetime. An alternative choice to the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc to remove rust without damaging the surface is the Norton Beartex High Strength non-woven disc, which also has an open structure and is conformable. However, the disc is more prone to shedding, so the lifetime isn’t as long when used for large areas, compared to the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip, making it more suitable for cleaning rust off stainless steel.
However, if you’re not as concerned about damaging the surface and are happy with a rougher finish, there are alternative options depending on whether speed or lifetime is more important:
Speed and Product Life Focus -  The Norton F970X Blaze fibre disc with ceramic grain is the fastest when used with a hard-ribbed backup pad but results in scratches, which may be harder to remove in the later stages.
Speed Focus - The Norton Extreme R860 flap disc with zirconia grain will do a good job initially; however, over time, the cut-rate will start declining due to loading, and it’ll produce some radial scratches on the surface.
Product Life Focus - A grinding disc, such as Norton Quantum 3 grinding disc, may take slightly longer than the other tools and provides a rough finish, but is very long-lasting.
Overall, the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc is the go-to product for stripping and removing rust as it provides the best finish without damaging the metal, is the quickest and has a long life.
To find the most suitable rust remover product and compare different abrasive tools, look at the Norton Live video covering 'How to Remove Rust and Paint Using a Right Angle Grinder' below.

So, if you have rust to remove, find a distributor to purchase your Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc!