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Right Angle Grinder – Scale Removal


Right Angle Grinder (RAG) - Scale Removal & Cleaning

Scale removal and cleaning are vital steps in metal fabrication.

Mill scale is a flaky surface that forms on exterior surfaces of sheets and plates as they are being manufactured through rolling steel billets and hot iron into rolling mills.

It is important to remove scale and clean metal surfaces so that a metal fabricator can achieve the most appropriate finish. 

Most fabricators will use an angle grinder in their day-to-day work to cut and prepare metal surfaces, which is why Norton Abrasives have developed a number of options to ensure the right product is available for the right job.

The Right Angle Grinder (RAG) process helps metal fabricators choose the correct product for metal preparation and fabrication, which can help to increase efficiency, minimise waste and add value to businesses that operate large scale production.


The high performance Norton Quantum flap wheels will quickly remove the scale, rust or paint from the workpiece. 

They are particularly effective for sanding contours and uneven surfaces, whilst delivering a consistent cut rate. Ideal for linear finishing in metal fabrication and welding industries.

Norton flap wheels are more forgiving than other abrasives, reducing the risk of flattening, gouging or surface deformation, meaning fewer rejected parts, and better long term productivity.


115x20 M14 40 5 69957307345 6700-8300
  60 5 69957307350  
  80 5 69957307353  
  120 5 69957307354  
125x20 M14 40 5 69957307355 6700-8300
  60 5 69957307356  
  80 5 69957307359  
  120 5 69957307360  

Providing a linear finish

The centres of Norton Quantum flap wheels are threaded M14 to quickly fit onto the angle grinder.

A high quality ceramic grain ensures quick and consistent levels of stock removal, whilst the Norton cloth remains flexible enough to ensure the operator is able to grind any contours without gouging the work-piece surface.

flap wheel from norton abrasives

If you would like to view the previous step of the RAG process of cutting and grinding this can be found here.

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