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Precision Customer Seminar - 2020

A seminar for our engineering, plant and purchasing customers giving an in-depth look at the many facets of precision grinding with the goal of increasing productivity.

Norton Winter Diamond and cBN Standard Products Catalog - 8068

Huge offering of stock and made-to-order diamond and cBN wheels, as well as electroplated, CNC, and off-line truing wheels, and dressing sticks, rotary and stationary dressing tools, lapping compound, and truing devices.

Norton VMT Bond Technology for Grinding Wheels Flyer – 8777

Designed for silicon carbide wheels, VMT bond technology allows for more versatile grinding with improved performance, reducing power draw and improving wheel life.
Norton Winter Paradigm Diamond Wheels True and Dress Flyer - 8337

Norton Winter Paradigm Diamond Wheels True and Dress Flyer - 8337

Use these performance-enhancing truing and dressing systems and techniques with our Norton Winter Paradigm diamond wheels to achieve the fastest cycle times and lowest cost per part.
Norton Winter Paradigm Diamond Wheels for Gashing and End Teeth Flyer - 8456

Norton Winter Paradigm Diamond Wheels Gashing & End Teeth Flyer - 8456

The Norton Winter Paradigm patented porous bond system breaks carbide gashing and end-teeth performance barriers with reduced cycle times and dressing, and increased form holding giving you maximum productivity.