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Norton Durite Floor Sanding Belts Flyer - 8981

The Norton Durite belts for hardwood floor sanding are designed to cut fast and leave a fine scratch pattern.
Norton Floor Sanding Professional Market Catalog - 350

Norton Floor Sanding Professional Market Catalog - 350

Choose belts or discs from the exclusive technology and unrivaled performance of Red Heat products; the superior performance and high productivity of BlueFire, or the consistent quality and competitive price of Durite.

Norton Hand Scraper and Sharpener Instructions - 8736

Step-by-step instructions and tips for using the Norton Hand Scraper and Sharpener Tool Kit.
Flyer - Interface Pad - Norton - 8882

Norton Interface Driver Pad Flyer - 8882

Designed to extend the life of the abrasive and your machine driver plates, Norton interface/driver pads attach directly to a hook driver plate on multiple head sanders with the loop side of the pad.

Norton Clean and Prep Pad Flyer - 8712

The Norton Clean and Prep pad is a new aggressive pad used for the cleaning of floors before refinishing as well as between coat abrasion on water and oil based finishes.
Norton Blaze Sport Floor Sanding Products Flyer - 8637

Norton Blaze Sport Floor Sanding Products Flyer - 8637

Designed specifically for the toughest sanding applications, Norton Blaze tackles gym floor re-sands with ease and is proven to cut through UV-cured pre-finished floors in one pass.

Norton Hand Scraper Flyer - 8740

The Norton Hand Scraper and Sharpening Kit comes with a custom sharpening jig which provides a super sharp and consistent blade while eliminating the dangers of sharpening with a file by hand.

Norton Floor Finish Applicators Flyer - 8719

Norton floor finish applicators will help you to quickly and easily apply floor finish or sealer, are easy to use, and provide superior results for your hardwood floor projects.
Brochure - Merchandising - Best Set - Wood Blade - 8940

Norton Clipper Wood Blade Brochure - 8940

The Norton Clipper wood range includes circular/track saw, miter/table saw, jigsaw, reciprocating saw, and cut-off blades that provide flawless cutting and reliable quality.