Norton Red Heat Floor Sanding Abrasives

Norton Red Heat Wood Floor Sanding Abrasives

With Red Heat, you can tackle your toughest sanding projects while ensuring the most scratch-free floor of any abrasive. Red Heat outlasts and outperforms the competition, leaving scratches hardly detectable and wood floors smooth and ready for refinishing.

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  • Available in belts, rolls, discs, and edgers

  • Because of the extremely sharp SG ceramic grain, coating and adhesive removal is fast, scratches are minimal and much finer than any other product, and the abrasive lasts longer

  • Durable backing

  • Ideal for hardwoods, pre-finished floors, and large jobs

The Exclusive Technology Behind the Finest Scratch Pattern

Features of Red Heat’s 100% patented Seeded Gel (SG) ceramic grain:

  • Symmetrical shape allows for faster cutting because of its sharpness, but it doesn’t cut very deep because the gain itself doesn’t penetrate as deep, resulting in a finer scratch pattern

  • Micro-fractures, preserving the majority of the grain for longer and keeping the product from prematurely dulling and wearing

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“We just did a YMCA locally in Charlotte, it was 10,000 sft and was coated with moisture cure and a roll of 24 grit Red Heat chewed it up in a day. Awesome stuff, and I would recommend Red Heat to anyone in the business. It saved me a lot of time and money.”
– Billy Cruz

“I like the red heat screens because they last longer than black screens and don’t leave any swirl marks.”
– Vincius Olivera