Hand held - 512

NORTON CLIPPER offer a large range of professional and performant machines. CP512 is powerful and user-friendly handheld cut-off saw. Specially designed for your security, it garantees an clean and fast cut. Raw power for smooth cuts with features that prolong saw life, prevent engine damage and guarantee everyday reliability.
  • Hand held - 512 Cut-Off
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Features & Benefits
  • Electronic carburator allows an easy 3-step engine start. No more choke or half-throttle set-up.
  • Easy stopping: just press the red button!
  • 5-spring anti-vibration system.
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Building & Construction
  • Materials
    • Armed Concrete & Concrete
    • Asphalt & Green concrete
    • Building Materials
    • Tiles & Natural Stone
  • Machines
    • Petrol Saw
  • Applications
    • Cut-Off
300mm Max blade diameter
Buy OnlineBuy OnlineProduct data sheetMax cutting depthBORE (MM)Rotation speedMotor/Engine TypePropellingHeightLength (mm)WIDTH (mm)Engine typePower sourceHand/arm vibrationStarterRaise and lowerArt. No.
100mm204450mmOtherHandheld430750267STANDARDPetrol 2 stroke4.5RecoilManual70184647558
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