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Handheld Cut-Off Saw - CP 514 iLube

Norton Clipper CP514 iLube model Handheld Cut-Off Saw is a powerful and user-friendly handheld cut-off saw. Specially designed for your safety, it also guarantees a clean and fast cut. This machine cuts extremely smoothly due to its highly powerful and reliable engine.
  • Handheld Cut-Off Saw - CP 514 iLube Cut-Off
Features & Benefits
  • Electronic carburator allows an easy 3-step engine start. No more choke or half-throttle set-up.
  • Easy stopping: just press the red button!
  • 5-spring anti-vibration system.
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Building & Construction
  • Materials
    • Concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Building Materials
    • Tile & Stone
  • Machines
    • Petrol Saw / Rail saw
  • Applications
    • Cutting
350mm Max blade diameter
Max cutting depthBORE (MM)Rotation speedMotor/Engine TypePropellingHeightWIDTH (mm)Engine typePower sourceHand/arm vibrationStarterRaise and lowerArt. No.
125mm204450mmOtherHandheld430.00267ILUBEPetrol 2 stroke4.50RecoilManual70184647564
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