Bastiaan Wesselink is the winner of our #RAG Facebook Competition

It all started with a rusty air tank, a few pipes, steel plates, dowels and a selection of Norton Abrasives. Paul Gray – Application Engineer for Saint-Gobain Abrasives then uses these items to fabricate a stunning bespoke garden heater.

The RAG Competition

Norton Right Angle Grinder Competition Entry

The launch of this video marked the beginning of a Europe-wide Facebook competition where the garden heater was given away as the grand prize. To enter the competition, the task was simple; create a custom-made product using Norton Right Angle Grinder products and post an image or video to Facebook with the hashtag #RAG. The best design was then selected from the entries. 

The competition proved to be a great success and we were astonished by the array of amazing designs that were submitted; truly showcasing the ingenuity and technical ability of our end-users. In the end, however there was a clear winner. With this outstanding contribution (pictured left), Bastiaan Wesselink, 39, from the Netherlands, stole the show.

About Bastiaan

In his daily life, the married father of 4, outdoorsman and artist works as an account manager for a large automotive manufacturer and supplier but in his spare time, enjoys turning vintage items into unique products.

Bastiaan’s hobby; NIdesign (Natural Industrial Design) has seen him create many interesting and unique items. From modern lamps fabricated using old car parts, salvaged industrial items and wood, to eye catching boxes made from empty jerry cans - like the one that won him this competition.

Facebook Norton RAG Winner

The Norton Blaze

"What a convenience and speed, it saves me an hour of work"

norton blaze disc

When asked about his experience using the Norton Rapid Blaze disc, Bastiaan gave a glowing endorsement: "I was looking for an effective quick way to get paint / paint layers off from, for example, jerry cans. Previously I did this with a wire brush on my angle grinder. During a visit to the transport fayre in Gorinchem (NL), I met with one of your representatives. He gave me a Norton Rapid Blaze with the words; "Just try".

“What a pleasant surprise! What a convenience and speed, it saves me an hour of work with a steel brush and with a better end result!”



Our team in the Netherlands presented Bastiaan with his new garden heater, which gets its own beautiful place on his farm. In addition, to thank him for his positive feedback, we have also left some Norton Rapid Blazes behind, so Bastiaan can continue to give his upcycled designs the best possible finish.