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Dave Taylor wins the Big Barbecue Build Competition

In the hottest competition of the summer, Dave Taylor from the UK wowed the judges with his Thor Hammer inspired barbecue and took home the grand prize.


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The BIG Barbecue Build

It began with the Norton Application Engineers, Paul Gray, Randy Pen, Tamas Kenyeres, and Derk Vruwink teaming up to upcycle an old air tank into an amazing barbecue, that would grace any garden.

The Competition

Mirroring last year’s #RAG Facebook competition abrasive users were asked to share images of their own metallic masterpieces on their local Norton social media pages.

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This was a European-wide contest that truly showcased ingenuity and skill, with submissions ranging from wind chimes to an anvil barbecue sent in by metal fabricators from across the continent.

Each entry was judged by our panel of experts and the winner was selected.

france bbq entry bbq entry french heater from the UK
metal wind chime germany bbq anvil from germany UK thor hammer bbq
barbecue thor hammer from the uk

Introducing the winner and the winning build

David Taylor’s entry stole the show and was unanimously voted as the winner by our judges. They were astonished by the creativity, aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship that had gone into building his barbecue.


The winner himself is David Taylor, 37, from the small town of Bury in the UK. The married father of two is a metal fabricator and is certainly no stranger to building weird, wacky, and wonderful items out of metal.

He specialises in making items inspired by highly recognisable pop culture franchises such as Star Wars, Futurama, Disney, and (in this case) Marvel.

David has a home workshop and takes commissioned work from customers that range from large commercial businesses, to individuals who are looking for something genuinely bespoke.

If you would like to see more of Dave’s designs, be sure to check out his Facebook page for TMDesigns.

Norton products used in the winning build

When asked about the Norton Abrasives that helped him create his Thor Hammer barbecue, David identified the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc and the Norton Quantum3 grinding wheel. 

"I used the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip disc to de-scale the surface of my barbecue and create a nice even finish ready for further finishing steps. I use this disc a lot actually as it’s fast and it does exactly what I need it to.”

“I ground down the welds using 7mm Norton Quantum3 grinding wheels. Again, they do the job really quickly and are very easy to use.”

The Norton team delivered the barbecue to David in October, be sure to watch the interview video for his reaction.

Thank you

We’ like to say a big thank you to the participants, our social media followers, and YouTube viewers for their interest in the Big Barbecue Build.

If you have an idea of what you’d like to see from the next big Norton build, contact us via the online web form or subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment on the interview video.

All of the products featured in the Big Barbecue Build are available to buy through our distributors. Click “where to buy” to find your nearest one.