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Introducing the Norton Quantum3 Ceramic Rail Cutting Disc


We are delighted to introduce a best-in-class rail cutting disc that is designed for safety, comfort, durability, and ‘made to bite.’

NQ3-Rail-AngleWhat makes this Rail cutting disc so special? 

This disc has been designed to outperform any other rail cutting disc on the market today.

Featuring Norton Quantum3’s market leading ceramic grain, our rail disc not only removes material faster than any competing product but has much less vibration; owing to the need to apply less pressure and force to cut the material – the operator just lets the machine and disc do the work.

Reducing exposure to vibrations should always be the aim for any rail cutting disc due to the high incidence of white finger disease associated with this kind of work.

High Quality Cut

A better quality cut provides a cleaner, straighter and instantly weld-able surface, meaning that the operator has more chance of getting the job right first time.

In turn, this results in less time is spent deburring the welded metal and reduces the time wasted overall. 

Saving time and money

In addition to market leading comfort and performance, we also guarantee that the Quantum3 Rail cutting disc offers the lowest process costs available.

The product’s long life span reduces the number of replacement discs required on any given project and, the high speed cutting potential makes the overall metal reworking process much more efficient. 

It is these aspects that make the cutting disc is perfect for the railway night-shift as their operational time is often extremely tight and in many cases, they work in difficult conditions.

This disc cuts quicker, is more comfortable to use and lasts longer than any other cutting wheel in the rail market today – making it the obvious choice.

The safest cutting disc on the market

We believe that the benefits associated with the Norton Quantum3 Rail cutting disc make the safest on the market today.

Alongside unbeatable comfort due to the comparatively low level of vibration that the operator experiences, the Quantum3 Rail’s long life is such that the operator does not have to move the cutting machine (overhauling) over the track creating a dangerous situation.

Multiple cuts are made from one side only.


Key Benefits



Reduced vibration due to the need for less pressure during use – just let the cutting disc do the work.

Reduce the chance of white fingers.



A sharper wheel for faster cutting, delivering higher efficiency due to ceramic grains that micro-fracture even under low pressure.

Less cutting time results in less blueing and will give a far better chance of achieving a straight cut.



A longer wheel life and therefore reduced operating cost.

No more machine overhaul; these discs will cut multiple times through the rail bar from one side.


The Problem

Our Solution

Difficult and uncomfortable

•  White finger and general physical discomfort

•  Lack of control over the cut and wrenching the disc through the material

The ceramic grain and new bond system provide better comfort and control to cut straight and not to blue or overheat the material.

Disc reduces vibrations, which means lower hand-arm vibration (white finger).

Low efficiency 

•  Bad quality cutting results that cause delays semi-finished products in rail processes.

Norton Quantum3 competes on price and performance. The price-performance ratio is optimized by a far longer wheel life (more cuts with one wheel).

The disc delivers straight cuts that reduce deburring time.

Short product life

•  High material removing products generally wear down too quickly

•  High cost of frequently replacing worn down cutting wheels

These discs have a longer product life than competing products, therefore fewer wheels are needed throughout the process and reducing costs and time lost by changing wheels.

To request more information about our new Norton Quantum3 rail cutting disc, contact us using our web form.

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