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Norton Mounted Points Are a Quantum Leap Ahead

Introducing our new, industry leading range of ceramic mounted points. Expertly grind the most intricate and complex workpieces with a powerful combination of Norton Quantum ceramic grain and Vitrium3® bond technology.

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What are Mounted Points?

Mounted Points are specific family of small, precision abrasives that work with portable handheld tools such drills and die grinders. In many industries, grinding requirements can be very specific.

Small, intricate, or curved shapes are notoriously difficult to grind and finish with many abrasives but in these kinds of applications, mounted points excel.

Mounted points are highly versatile and can be found in a variety of industries and different applications.

Their use encompasses a broad spectrum of processes including general material removal and deburring to fine finishing, blending and polishing.

ID and OD grinding also constitutes a significant portion of the work that mounted points undertake in industrial processes.

The Best Mounted Points Available Today

The test results speak for themselves, Norton Quantum mounted points outperform all competitor products available today, offering higher material removal overall and far greater product life.

Subsequently, the customer has the potential to achieve large cost savings on their processes, particularly where they are using mounted points in high volumes.

Additionally, as the Norton Quantum ceramic grain is self-sharpening and free cutting, a better quality finish is achieved on a more consistent basis and the Vitrium3® bond also limits wheel loading, heat buildup and burning.

As such, further cost and time savings are achieved as the requirement for rework is significantly reduced; better part quality, first time around.

mounted points from norton quantum

Norton Quantum: the revolutionary ceramic grain multiplied the cutting efficiency by controlling grain breakdown at micrometric level.



mounted points with vitrium bond


Norton Vitrium3® is a revolutionary bond featuring exclusive Norton chemistry that delivers an entirely new grain adhesion science.




One Range Can Do It All

To help achieve the best results for any application, a full and diverse range of sizes and shapes are available.

The comprehensive range contains over 200 size and shape configurations, a spectrum of grades from 36 to 120, and three shaft dimensions (3, 6 and 8mm). All parts are made to stock and ready to order right away.

Heat sensitive alloys can pose a challenge to many types of abrasives grains, but not for Norton Quantum.

This range of mounted points deliver super-fast grinding action on heat sensitive alloys (Fe and Ni based), hard metals, medium, and soft metals alike.

Major Markets and Applications


Mounted points are hard wearing in industries where grinding volumes are high.

For tricky shapes on turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, inconel, titanium and stainless steel.

Weld repair in corners and tight spaces, pipe work and mouldings, intersections and risers.

For burr removal, bevelling, sharpening, ID and OD grinding.

Safe Operating RPM

It is always important to pay attention to the recommended safe operating speeds (RPM) - ask your local Norton representative for more information.


More Information About Mounted Points

To find out more about the new range of mounted points from Norton, please contact your Norton representative or contact us using our web form. If you would like to read about some of the places where mounted points have been used in every day places, check out our expertise article now >>

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*Please note: This product is subject to availability and may not be available in your country. Please contact us to find out more information.